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After School Club

Where and when?

Freedom After School Clubs are now open in St Luke, St Lawrence, St Clement, First Tower, St Peter and St Saviour primary schools, the clubs will be open during every school day of the year.

For Whom?

The club welcomes children from 3:00pm onwards and cares for them until 6:00pm. We are happy to register boys and girls who are of primary school age.

The Activities

Children will have a number of choices each day. They will always be able to sit quietly and chat, read or do their homework; there will be a large selection of games and activities for them to opt for if they wish. In some weeks we may provide coaching in a special activity that the children can participate in. This will depend entirely on the availability of coaching staff and the specialist area required in the school; the activities are likely to be badminton, art or dance.


The overall ratio is normally one member of staff to 8 children, although this may vary from group to group and depends upon the nature of the activity. Most of the “full time” staff will be qualified or working towards gaining qualifications in childcare and most will already be working in the school.

All staff are police checked and all staff will have satisfactorily completed the mandatory health check, First Aid, Food & Hygiene and Safeguarding Training.


The children will be offered a substantial snack shortly after arriving. The snack will consist of a choice of drinks and something to eat. The foods on offer may include: a slice of pizza, filled sandwich, cheese and crackers followed by a biscuit or a selection of fruit. Parental preferences will be respected and where possible the personal likes and dislikes of the children will be catered for. The children may be able to bake or prepare the snack when it is appropriate to do so.

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